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Ardakan Model Extruder For Food and Snacks Industry

 Production capacity: 150 - 200kg / h. 
 The structure is made of thermally coated iron and is covered with food stainless steel 304 thickness of 2 mm 
 Belting drive made of the finest timing method 
 Roll bearings from SKF Germany 
 Housing oil from Behran IRI 
 The main engine is Iran, Motogen 55 KW. 
 Stainless steel 304 storage tank. 
 The main spout for feeding the compressor snail is controlled by the inverter. 
 The product feeding snail is equipped with a speed engine. 
 inverter for engine speed control. 
 Multi-speed knife to control the length of chips with inverter.
 heater, temperature controlled by thermometer controller. 
 Snails are made from the finest metals and processed with the latest ovens (oven and vacuum). 
 The extruder is equipped with a water cooling mechanism (closed circuit). 
 The extruder is equipped with an oil system 
 Attached with the Extruder are necessary doc according to request.